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Microsoft Office SharePoint Server(MOSS) is an enterprise solution for intelligently connecting people, teams and information. It provides a central place for your employees or clients to access, manage, share and interact with relevant information, documents, applications and other people. It enables quicker and better decisions, more effective sharing across teams and more streamlined business processes.

The primary goal of Microsoft Office SharePoint is to bring together, in a relevant way, all of the diverse sources of knowledge and information available inside and outside an organization. This includes connecting workers, customers, teams and projects with the knowledge, information and data they've created such that it is easy to find, retrieve and re-use.

xCelerated SharePoint consultants bring a wealth of experience in delivering Microsoft SharePoint solutions for enterprise needs like SharePoint Customization, SharePoint Social Network, SharePoint Knowledge Base, SharePoint WCM, SharePoint ECM, SharePoint Branding, Document Management, Business Intelligence Reporting with SharePoint, SharePoint Dashboard, Business Connectivity Services, Retention Schedule, Metadata and Taxonomy, Fast Search, etc.

We deliver Microsoft SharePoint solutions which can improve organization efficiencies and decision making by better data sharing, data representation and accessing right information at right time to help increase the speed of business decision making.

xCelerated SharePoint Services

  • User interface design, SharePoint Template design and SharePoint designer
  • Custom Webparts developmentMicrosoft SharePoint Server 2010, SharePoint Consulting
  • Work flow integration and InfoPath form designs
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Component development in
  • Implementation and deployment of SharePoint sites
  • Site definitions and portal area definitions
  • SharePoint Dashboards for reporting and analysis

Why SharePoint

  • SharePoint provides powerful and easy to use infrastructure which improves company wide productivity. Flexible customization options allow people to do their job effectively and share data or documents securely. And these all features come with centralized administration. Also, SharePoint works seamlessly with other Microsoft Technologies like Microsoft Office and Exchange server. SharePoint allows developers to create solutions using LINQ - Language Integrated query, client object model and Business connectivity services to connect with external application and fetch data from it.
  • SharePoint is widely used for purpose like document management where organization stores document centrally on a SharePoint portal. This allows to use centralized information stored securely, to different business teams and helps them in decision making. Also employees can easily manage documents using check-in and check-out functionalities and can approve documents or make modifications. SharePoint Admin can manage policies related to access of data, storages policies and other security related settings. It also provides SDK for developers to access, extend or modify internal functions.

Different organization have different needs and that requires custom forms and data storage in SharePoint. MOSS allows customization feature where a SharePoint developer can create custom web parts using visual studio and Microsoft .net framework. Also, custom controls can be created in or customized forms can be created to integrate work flow by a SharePoint developer to implement different business needs. Also, SharePoint consultant can easily integrate it with Microsoft Exchange, Office and other products.

Our SharePoint Developers are highly experienced in SharePoint programming to create solutions which are robust, secure, modular and solve the business purpose. Our full service SharePoint consulting include every part of project lifecycle starting from business process analysis and requirement study, architecture design, Implementation and deployment.

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