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xCelerated Technologies offers companies a full array of design, development, and implementation services for your Microsoft solutions. We also provide an array of Microsoft business solutions that cover all facets of Microsoft-based technologies, including project management, architecture and design, development, test, deployment, training and support. These services are available independently or as part of our commitment towards a more comprehensive and wider-scope project.

The .NET Framework is a robust, mature and well supported framework that is constantly improving. .NET 4.0 is Microsoft's latest framework for software development. xCelerated uses .NET 4.0 as our preferred development environment for web, Windows or rich client projects because of its technological and productivity advantages over other platforms.

We have extensive experience in managing and integrating Microsoft .NET solutions and Microsoft CRM solutions to help you plan better and increase the overall efficiency of your business processes. We employ best practices and provide subject matter expertise, and transfer knowledge to your implementation teams. We ensure that you maximize the return on your investment through Microsoft business solutions by adopting an effective design, development and support of microsoft solutions that connect your people, processes and information.

Our .NET technology developers are experienced and possess the proven track record of working with a number of clients. Our capabilities enable us to work efficiently with companies and develop Microsoft business solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of the organization. We do possess an in-depth knowledge that gives us the edge in developing capabilities from the ground up and offering a comprehensive support to our clients in every respect. Our methodologies, tools and processes have assisted our clients to stay abreast of the current technologies and trends.

xCelerated .NET Advantage

Our enterprising Microsoft business solutions have been developed by working in diverse environments and being able to adapt and create microsoft solutions for challenging businesses. We do regard customer management as an extremely vital component of our business strategy and our in-depth knowledge of business processes have helped us to evolve and create ingenious Microsoft solutions for organizations. Through the effective utilization of Microsoft solutions, we have been able to provide service of greater value and help accelerate the wheels of growth for our clients.

Few of our Microsoft .NET Services

  • Design, Development, implementation and customization of Web and Windows applications based on Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Migration of legacy applications or components (COM, COM+, WinAPI, ASP) to .NET
  • Convert .NET applications from older version of the framework to the new version
  • Develop highly interactive web applications using pure HTML5 / CSS and jQuery as well as Silverlight.

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