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The pressure is on to leverage technology not just to keep the lights on, but for true business improvement. At xCelerated, we'll work with your application infrastructure managers to help deploy your IT more strategically.

Process improvement is a top priority for many companies on the road to efficient, effective service management. xCelerated consultants provide best-practice advice and hands-on assistance with a wide range of technical and business process issues related to process improvement in the enterprise.

With the economy going through a downturn, you may be wondering how to drum up creative ideas to beat the odds and go full steam ahead with your business. But because you are so involved in your business, you may find it difficult to look beyond the proverbial square for innovative solutions to get you there faster.

At xCelerated, we understand that businesses are constantly faced with constraints — time, shortages of skilled staff, and cost effective resources to help grow the business. We work together with your business to identify and implement solutions which will generate quick results and provide long term growth.

Ensure your success with xCelerated Consulting Services

Services we offer include:

  • Open Source Migration: Expedite the evaluation process for open source software with detailed analysis of open source alternatives in each particular software categories such as applications servers, frameworks, databases, or reporting tools. Learn how you can move from legacy licensed frameworks to constantly evolving open source frameworks backed by a vibrant development community and professionally supported by reliable third paty vendors.
  • Business Intelligence Systems / Data Warehousing: We help customers develop comprehensive business intelligence systems that are robust, highly scalable, easy to deploy, and adaptable to any business need. Our ability to access over 120 information sources means we can integrate virtually any information into your system. xCelerateds' proven incremental warehouse methodology emphasizes immediate benefits and maximum return on investment.
  • Application Rehosting and Reengineering: Our consultants are experts at helping customers reengineer and migrate mission-critical applications to new environments such as the Web, Mobile platforms, Cloud platforms, etc.
  • Production System Maintenance and Support: In the push to develop critical new business systems, support for production systems sometimes suffers as users are left waiting for necessary enhancements. That support can be outsourced to our consultants, whose "source-level" expertise can help you optimize the performance of your current systems. Our consultants can also develop a strategy for transitioning from your current systems to new ones.
  • Enabling the Agile Enterprise: xCelerated helps organizations make lasting change. We help your organization develop capabilities that are repeatable and create long-term value for the organization. Traditional management tools are focused on maintaining stability. Companies need to establish action-oriented approaches that inspire responsiveness to the market while maintaining management fundamentals. Organizations are achieving this through the application of Agile and Lean management approaches. Learn more about how xCelerated can help your organization go Agile »
  • Enterprise Computing: Transitioning from expensive legacy environments to dynamic models? It is an important agenda item for IT infrastructure executives. Yet moving from traditional data centers to a more versatile (and virtual) environment isn't always straightforward. At xCelerated, we provide strategic technology direction for data center design and assessment. For example, we help customers determine how to best leverage vitualization, cloud technologies and cloud services in ways that best meet their needs. Leveraging our team's expertise, you gain fresh ideas and insight on IT Infrastructure plans and technologies, operational assessments and optimization.
  • Learn more about our solutions like CRM Solutions », Agile Software Development », Enterprise Open Source Solutions »

xCelerated Involvement

Bringing our years of hands on experiences to work, we can help your business perform far beyond your expectations. This is achieved by freeing up your time to work "on your business", rather than "in your business" by bringing the required skills, knowledge and resources you need to take your business to the next level.

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