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Open Source software (OSS) has proven to be safe, scalable and cost-effective choices to many marketable products. The biggest benefit of Open Source is the readily available source code that can be modified at ease to make it work according to specific needs. This allows programs to be tailored specifically to your requirements, without the cost of commencing the product from scratch. The advantages of customizing and creating your own product can be a decisive business advantage for your company above those using packaged products.

In recent years, software development organizations have recognized the potential of Open Source as a mean to customize and implement cost-effective, high-quality, and secure Open Source solutions. Open Source projects results in better software — as they use the best ideas and implementations from anyone who use it.

xCelerated Expertise

Our mission is to help our clients improve their IT operations and strategies through the use of Open Source Software (OSS). We believe that the evolution of Open Source Software has reached the point where it can be used by organizations of all sizes to meet many of their enterprise IT needs. xCelerated has expertise in a number of Open Source products that can have a significant impact on our clients' IT operations.

xCelerated can help you evaluate and implement a strategy to chose the right FL / OSS (Free License / Open Source Software) solution and ensure any transition to FL / OSS will fit with your business needs. xCelerated's mature and strategic Open Source consulting solutions provide end-to-end Open Source Solutions to meet your enterprise needs. Our solutions tone-down IT complexity and help you cut-down your eBusiness expenditure through a diverse range of Open Source solutions packages.

xCelerated has years of expertise of Open Source solutions for mission-critical enterprise applications. We offer Open Source consulting services that help increase the quality, consistency, and efficiency of the Open Source software. We provide Open Source consultancy services in following areas:

  • Selecting the right solutions: We help the client to determine which Open Source product is suitable to solve a particular business problem. We determine the right product considering various factors, such as client requirements, cost, and technologies.
  • Providing knowledge about license policies: Many people know that Open Source software package is free and can be used and modified for your organizational needs. But they may not know about the licenses attached with the Open Source software package. xCelerated provides consultancy services to make the people understand these license policies.
  • Customizing the Open Source product: xCelerated can help clients to customize the existing Open Source solutions available in the market. For customization, we can add new features on the top of the product and improve existing features to better suit your business needs.
  • Integrating different Open Source solutions: xCelerated provides consulting services to integrate various existing Open Source solutions to better meet the needs of specific business scenarios suited to the client requirements.

Open Source Benefits

The only real difference between Open Source software and Closed Source software is that with Open Source software, the source code is available for review and modification. This difference, however, results in a number of key benefits for the users of Open Source software. To understand how these benefits occur, it is useful to keep in mind the implications of opening source code to the world. In an active Open Source project:

  • A lot of people will see the code and many of these people will be developers. In most cases, these people are not being paid to look at the code. They are typically people who have some interest or need in the project.
  • People who have a need or interest in the code will invariably make suggestions for improvements - either bug fixes or enhancements. Usually they do this because they want or need the bug fixes or enhancements for their own benefit.
  • When these bug fixes and enhancements are integrated into the project, the project is improved in some way - either in functionality or in quality.

So how do Open Source Software end-users benefit from it?

  • Reduced Cost of Ownership

    In a Community Open Source project like Apache and Linux, hundreds or thousands of people are contributing their time and energy to constantly improving the project. They are, by and large, doing this because they want the benefits of the improved project. All of the end users get the benefits of all of this effort for no monetary cost.
  • Increased Control and Flexibility

    With Open Source software, the use has much more control and flexibity than with Proprietary software. In fact, the desire for more control was one of the key reasons that the Open Source movement began. With Open Source software, companies can make improvements instead of hoping that the vendor will make the improvements.
  • Reduced Vendor Lock In

    With Proprietary software, users can get locked in to one vendor. Once they commit a major portion of their IT infrastructure to one system or vendor they are often stuck using that vender for a very long time. They are at the mercy of the vendor's release schedule and pricing. If a vendor decides to end-of-life a product, the user has to either continue to use an unsupported product or go through a costly conversion process.
  • Higher Quality and Reliability

    There is a clear relationship between the number of people looking at a problem and how quickly it gets corrected. Considering the number of users and developers contributing and using an Open Source software, almost every problem will be characterized quickly and the fix will be obvious to someone. While in case of Proprietary software, you're at mercy of the vendor to recognize, accept, evaluate and finally provide a solution.
  • Easier Evaluation Process

    One of the often overlooked benefits of Open Source products is that the cost of evaluating the product is greatly reduced. With Community and Hybrid Open Source products, users can simply download the product, try it and see if it is something they want to use. With Commercial Open Source products, there is usually a publicly available version or a 30-day free trial version.

Build vs. Buy vs. Buy-Build

Open source software and open standards for the web allow us to leverage existing solutions in Content Management Systems (CMS), Business Intelligence (BI), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, etc. In a wide-range of projects, we adopt open, existing software rather than develop from scratch. With this pragmatic approach we offer the best of both worlds: adopt existing open source software, saving hundreds or sometimes thousands of development hours, and extend where necessary.

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