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Outstanding customer relationships begin with better CRM solutions. Why CRM? When we look around us we see that the hand of business touches us in every walk of life. We're faced with products and services at every single turn. How many of those products and service providers actually know the person who uses them? Major corporations fail to realize that it is the customer who is their biggest ally.

A successful CRM Solution:

  • Is driven by enterprise-wide customer intelligence
  • Anticipates customer needs
  • Delivers relevant value propositions that clearly differentiate the business
  • Ensures consistent brand experiences across all channels

It provides the capability to:

  • Build laser focused segmentation models upon which campaign strategies can be formulated
  • Analyze individual consumer's spending behaviour and respond with business intelligence driven strategies
  • Empower the entire organization to respond to individual customer needs in the most relevant and meaningful way

xCelerated Advantage

xCelerated consultants will partner with you to understand your business and the critical relationships between your business goals, business processes, IT infrastructure, and your staff and customers. Only after we have gained an intimate knowledge of your business and customers do we set about laying the foundations for your business success. xCelerated does this by developing smart solutions using innovative technologies.

The benefits of CRM are enormous. The marketing department is yet another department that stands to gain enormously as CRM aids in marketing functions. The customer centred strategy that provides information on potential customers, boosts the marketing function by providing the marketing department with a clear idea of what the customer needs are and enables them to work accordingly.

Not all CRM Solutions fit your organizational requirements. xCelerated can help your organization analyze your business needs and derive a solution to better serve your customers. xCelerated will help deliver a solution which would be strategically aligned to your business and customer priorities and it could be a off-the-shelf CRM product like Salesforce CRM Opens in new window or a hybrid solution which would be tailored to fit your organizational needs. A better CRM solution will help in integrating all the essential information available in the organization itself and from outside resources and serves to assimilate information about sales, marketing, market trends, employees, customer attitude, customer retention etc. With CRM you can raise your market share by keeping a keen eye on the various market segments and adopting strategies accordingly.

Our team of highly experienced consultants and software developers deliver integration projects and consulting services for a successful CRM solution. xCelerated works with the best of breed solutions, meaning we are totally independent with regards to applications, platforms and databases. This ensures the solutions we tailor are unique, and the most effective for your business environment.

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