Why xCelerated

We understand how it is important for you to choose a trustworthy partner that understands your problems and knows how to solve them. We are here to make your choice easy.

xCelerated has been creating innovative software solutions for a wide range of industries. Our key services like CRM solutions, Business Process Management solutions, Web 2.0 Development, Database management, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, etc. are contributing to our growth rate as well as business growth of our clients. Recently, we have been actively innovating in the field of "Software as a Service". Every product and service from xCelerated brings along that extra every customer looks for.

Trusted client-centric partnership

We believe in long term respectful relations. Since the degree of our success greatly depends on the success of our partners, we are aimed at building open solid relationships with you. It is the desire to help you reach your goals that lets us achieve a steady reliable partnership. As experience demonstrates, no implementation method by itself — be that RUP, CMMI, or an Agile approach — is a 'one-fits-all' solution for every budget and timeframe. Therefore, xCelerated will advise and co-work with the customer on matching business processes and understanding mutual expectations towards a software development methodology that is best suited for the client's unique needs and ensures maximal returns.

Versatile technological expertise

At xCelerated we won't impose our opinion of what solution is best for you. We believe that choice is important, and by providing our enterprise information management services for a number of proprietary and open platforms, we are creating favorable conditions for this concept to flourish. All of our team members have worked in the corporate world at various levels, so we utilize the knowledge of core domain processes and industry standards to ensure your system addresses your business concerns. We have deep industry knowledge in domains like: e-commerce, banking and finance, healthcare, manufacturing, supply-chain, telecommunications and many more.

Excellent pool of talent gives customers a strategic advantage

xCelerated Technologies is a collaborative effort of several young entrepreneurs who bring a wealth of experience working in corporate environments for more than a decade. Being local, we're able to provide our customers the personal touch and real-time availability while our global presence helps us drive costs down which gives our customers a strategic advantage and helps us provide the ideal Value vs Cost advantage.

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If you have any questions about our services or wish to submit an RFP, please contact us and one of our staff members will get in touch with you.

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