xCelerated bring along vast industry knowledge and experience with innovative solutions across a variety of industries. At xCelerated, we provide web design solutions, custom software development and IT consulting services for a number of specialized industry segments. If you need an IT solution we are well equipped with the requirements of each industry segment and will be able to provide your business with the right solution.

Banking & Financial Software Services

Financial services, banking services and market place are amongst some of the most churning industries which require a flexible and sophisticated solution to deal with. We have always been working towards covering of all the functional area of financial needs to provide the most feasible solution to the financial software services seekers. Our services to small level business to global enterprise help them in achieving exponential growth with right banking and financial software solution.

Extenuating risk factor without lessen the service scope is the way we deal with financial and market place services. Widening the horizon for industry growth with constant effort makes us the financial services partner for many small and big companies. Serving with software services without missing any exigent object gives an enterprise the confidence of never stopping transformation with new implementations.

Financial services companies have increasingly becoming technology-reliant and are consistently seeking and upgrading in all areas of IT services and solutions. Whether the applications focuses on stock trading, credit card authorization, wealth management or mortgage loan approval, the need for scalable software development and IT infrastructure is growing rapidly.

Healthcare Solutions and Software Services

The demand for customized healthcare solutions in the healthcare industry has been increasing over the years. We design and develop customized healthcare solutions as per the needs of offshore healthcare software requirements. Our suite of healthcare management software can range from healthcare accounting and billing to electronic medical record system and healthcare web development services. Broadly, the range of healthcare solutions and software can be categorized into the following categories:

  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Practice Management Software (PMS)
  • Medical Billing Software
  • Appointment Scheduling Software
  • Patient Management
  • Clinical/Hospital Management
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Entertainment and Media Services

One of the continually changing sectors in the world today is the Media and entertainment sector. It one such industry that is constantly evolving and racing ahead to compete with itself. With such a pace set, it is only natural that the industry constantly thrives and seeks for technology that would keep pace with its progress.

At xCelerated, we analyze and understand the industry and its demands of new and improved technological surges that would help propel itself forward into a fresher dimension. We provide media & entertainment solutions to several top-tier companies in the areas of broadcasting, online gaming, publishing and content processing.

Our media & entertainment team with their functional experience in various domains coupled with expertise in proven technologies such as Web technologies, client server technologies and broadcast technologies develop applications and softwares that are exclusively designed for the functions delivered by the media and entertainment industry.

With the media and entertainment industry opening itself to various platforms such as the online gaming sector, we are equipped to develop varied solutions with added customer experience and the option to support multiple languages, while also improving security and maintenance operations.

Manufacturing / Retail

In today's fast paced world, a company has to be innovative and unique in its endeavor to acquire clients as well as retain them. This is evident in the manufacturing sector as well. Competitiveness of manufacturing companies is driven by the ability to quickly launch new products, and smartly market them and dexterously manage the demand & supply cycle — all the while reducing inventory and cost.

At xCelerated, we strive to provide our manufacturing clients all the tools that help achieve this very objective. Our Manufacturing softwares and solutions traverse procurement, production and sales boundaries to deliver across the enterprise, including finance, human resources, and costing.

We enable our manufacturing clients to quicken Business Pace, Augment Operational Efficiency, Synchronize Business Processes, Manufacturing Automation. With our extensive experience in servicing the IT needs of all major retail format types, including grocery chains, discount stores, department stores, specialty retailers and Internet/catalog stores, we are well versed with requirements of the industry. We have adopted an integrated, business centric approach. We ensure that our clients are offered integrated services ranging from consulting, application development and maintenance.

Supply Chain Management Services

xCelerated understands that global supply chain management involves planning, implementing and controlling a series of complex tasks performed by persons of different nationalities and cultures and with varying language capabilities. We understand that synchronization of time, people and place are crucial for supply chain optimization.

The concept of work on paper ceases to exist with our applications providing you and your company a digital paper at hand. Right from collection at the source to delivery at final destinations - including all freight movement, handling and documentation, we help you provide a fully coordinated and seamlessly integrated service through our customized application and software development services.

Our pool of skilled resources with relevant experience in the logistics and supply chain management sector help in the development of more effective, streamlined applications and softwares that complements your company structure and work-flow. Our team also integrates into the applications nuances that are suggested by your company as well your client helping making the entire process of supply chain management smoother and efficient.

Simply put we can help abridge the gap between delivery of a consignment and the customer involvement through our innovative software applications which in turn helps optimize your business processes to improve operational performance.

Travel & Tourism Technology Solutions

It is that turn in time where from the moment you book your tickets, be it rail, air or road right down to you being booked into a hotel to the creation of your very own itinerary, everything can be done in just a click at one destination. This is how the Travel and Tourism sector function. Gone are those days when you had stand in line for tickets, or call ahead to book your stay or even contact an agent to arrange for sightseeing.

Now all that is needed is a platform that can integrate all these functions at one destination or even cater to all of it individually. We, at xCelerated provide this very platform to simplify Travel and stay. With our innovative and easy to browse platform, we ensure that your company becomes synonymous with dependable Travel and ingenious Tourism.

Our well thought delivery model allows our clients to optimize their services based on location, localization, language, cost and culture parameters. This not only helps measure the performance of the business but also the individual processes implemented as well. With performance measured, corrective action can be taken to optimize the business in a manner that is viable and complementary to the prospective clients as well.

Telecommunication Software Services

The Telecom industry is currently undergoing a great transformation due to factors such as the launch of new technologies and business models, regulatory changes, and mergers & acquisitions. Today, service providers are facing unprecedented challenges to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs with increasing industry consolidation, technology convergence and increasing competition.

In this competitive landscape, our solutions help you identify and address the challenges and opportunities brought by convergence. xCelerated provides comprehensive telecom solution development services at very competitive costs through a combination of qualified resources, domain experts, and continually improving processes.

Our developers are dedicated to helping companies achieve strategic goals and world-class results in an increasingly digitized environment. At xCelerated we help communication providers gain new agility in responding to change, with a communication practice that blends industry knowledge, targeted services, technology and functional expertise with a proven global delivery model.

What Makes Enterprises to Choose Us?

A constant practice to come out with betterment in services we provide, to cope up with changing needs, has made us the most dependable partner for your financial service needs. Our software solution helps every level of players no matter even if it is a small player with limited resources. xCelerated team with proficient software techies leads you to overcome any critical technical obstacle with delivering a solution which never fails.

To xCelerated, customization means betterment to the existing. Our experiences in delivering complex customized software solutions fill the confidence to many of the companies globally in sharing their success with us.

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